Monday, April 28, 2014




Despite Ben's hernia and my pulled thigh muscle we have begun to pack in earnest for our move on June 4th.  Meanwhile, out in Colorado, our new house is getting more and more ready to receive us.

Yesterday our new stove (Kitchen Aid dual fuel)  was installed so when Jean and I are out there this weekend we can cook, if we want.   In general, we're putting off the kitchen rehab while we live in the current kitchen for a year or so to see what we really want to change, but the stove had to be dealt with ASAP.   Tomorrow a stainless steal backsplash will be added.   


(When we got our first brand new refrigerator many years ago, I was surprised to realize that I was the kind of girl who could be made happier with a major new appliance!)

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  1. I love new appliances!!!! Yes! New fridge and range (and washer/dryer) coming soon! You will be moving into your new house before me, I think. But I don't have as far to travel (40 minutes). The race is on!!


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