Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Wheels are Turning

We've had a busy couple of days.  We spent several hours with the prospective buyer yesterday, answering questions about the garden, the pond and the neighbors, while their home inspector crawled around the house checking this and that, the termite inspector looked around for evidence of those nasty insects, and their real estate agent just generally hung around to see how everything was going.  

Everything was going well and by this morning we had the inspection report with several items that the buyer wants us to address, either in repairs or in payment.  There were a couple of surprises but nothing that appears to be a show stopper.  

Today several surveyors prowled the grounds finding old stakes and other signs of property boundaries.  

Just to add some extra excitement, we've twice had visits from a couple in a fancy pickup truck who say they love the house, "have cash," and are going to buy it if anything holds up the current contract.   We've smiled nicely, referred them to our agent, and wish them well.  Our agent is coming over tomorrow morning, probably to nail down our answer to the inspection report, but --who knows?--maybe to talk about the cash buyer.  

Ah well, it will sort itself out.  And meanwhile, the wheels are certainly turning.  The day's mail brought several forms from the buyer's settlement company which we need to complete in preparation for the May 20th settlement.  We're moving right along!

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  1. Lucky you to have a back-up plan in case the current buyers change their minds. They probably won't, but it's nice to have the sense of security a potential second buyer provides.


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