Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three More "Sleeps"

My travel-loving sister, Jean, likes to count down the number of nights at home before she leaves for a much-anticipated trip, and I have picked up the habit.   I'm counting down to our spring break vacation in St. John, Virgin Islands and am excited to say that we have "Three more sleeps!"

By Saturday night we should be getting comfortable in our home away from home for the next week, the "It's About Time" villa high up on Ajax Peak.  Don't the photos look inviting? 

We'll be traveling with Ben's brother, John, and his wife, Dawn, and their two boys.  They have the top floor bedrooms and we have the pool deck bedrooms, with plenty of family space on the top floor and by the pool.  I'm quite looking forward to it.

Spring break this year comes immediately after all the grades are in for the third trimester progress reports, meaning that this week is full of quizzes and tests on top of regular homework.  It's so much fun; not!  The school yearbook has to be uploaded to the printer the day we return, so that means our deadline is the last day of school before we leave and it's been a big push to finish that up.  And we dropped the price on our house the other day and showings immediately picked up so we are again busy keeping the house very clean.  In addition Ben has been trying to get the deck restained to impress our new visitors.  Whew!

With all this going on, we are all counting the "sleeps" until we can collapse in the warm Caribbean breezes for a day or two and then snorkel and hike and eat and drink to our heart's content for the rest of the week.

Of course there is the little matter of getting ready to go.  The house sitter is scheduled, pet feeding instructions written, the pool and snorkel gear collected, and now we are focusing on rounding up our media.  While the kids are busy on their various e-devices the grownups plan to indulge in the Godfather trilogy so I downloaded them tonight on my computer.   It'll be fun to have a GF marathon; can't wait!



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