Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"I'm Going To Miss This Place!"

Paul's friends, Bryan and Robbie, who now live in Pennsylvania, came down this weekend and stopped in yesterday morning for a visit.  Alex and Tommy, who live in the neighborhood, joined us and the families spent a couple of hours catching up and saying goodbye.  These boys have known each other since their early day-care days with Miss Margie, Bryan and Robbie's mother, and have shared many fun times.  

From left to right:  Alex, Bryan, Paul, Robbie, and Tommy.

And here they are at Paul's 4th birthday party, all lined up for a photo before trying to whack open the Batman piñata.  I have so enjoyed watching them play in our yard over the years.  

Too soon it was time to say good bye.  As Robbie got in the car to begin the drive back to Pennsylvania, he took one last look around and said "I'm going to miss this place!"

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  1. I think some visitors are in your future!!!! :-)


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