Thursday, May 22, 2014

What We Found in Boulder

When we drove into Boulder on Tuesday night we immediately went to the Aqua Imports fish and reptile store where Spikey will be boarded until we move out on June 6th.  The capable staff there put him into a soothing warm bath to soak away the stresses of traveling.  Despite the fact that the label on his new digs said that his name was "Spike," we feel that he is in good hands.   

Then we drove to our new house which was filled with workmen.  Painting, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry -- the house was abuzz with activity.  

It's pretty impressive what has been done in the past few weeks.  Here's a "before" picture of an overgrown bed of ivy....

...which was removed so a cat door for Fetcher can be installed in the window in Paul's room.  More digging will happen before new latticework under the deck is installed.

 Here's part of Paul's room showing that window; the carpenter is going to build a little staircase up to the ledge so Fetcher can get up there easily; pretty cool!   Paul's room had two cinder block walls which are being insulated and then dry-walled; that work is well underway.

The wall in the laundry room area which borders the garage is also being insulated and then re-dry-walled, and the plumbing work "cleaned up" and put to code. 

The carpet in the master bedroom was gone and the installation of the new hardwood floor was well underway.   Actually it was completed this morning and we got a good photo of the new wood on the stairs.  Here's the "before" image.... 

..and the "after" minus the stair railings and banister.

There was so much going on that I felt like I was in an HGTV home renovation show.  We are so indebted to our friend, Susan Steele, owner of Interior Motives, for taking on the project of getting our house ready for us. 

But I think the thing that gladdened my heart the most was that the flower beds had all been given a spring cleanup.  The weeds, pine cones, branches, and stalks that I had seen in early May were all gone, the lawn was mowed, and the three raised beds in the back had been turned over and made ready for planting.   This was all thanks to a gardener who was recommended to us by friends when Jean and I were here in May.  He did a great job and I smiled every time I looked at our yard.  

By Tuesday night we had unpacked the several boxes of French pottery and china that we had brought with us in the car, so the three-fold mission of the trip --bring out some valuables, bring out Spikey, and bring out the Subaru -- was accomplished.    

Wednesday we had lots of chores to do and design decisions to make, but the main event was celebrating Ben's birthday, which he shares with his friend Ray, who lives in Boulder.   We had   dinner at the Flagstaff House restaurant up on the side of Flagstaff Mountain, from which you see fabulous views of the city.  The menu we were given feted Ben and Raymond.... 

..and the guys each received a special birthday dessert, complete with a big sugar heart inscribed with "Happy Birthday" wishes. 

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  1. The house is already looking amazing! I cannot wait to see it all done! It was bittersweet to see the Subaru in your new driveway with the HT magnet! :-)


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