Friday, June 6, 2014

And We're Off .

Yesterday was devoted to getting rid of all the remaining trash --there is a huge pile of filled contractor's trash bags awaiting pick up today--, taking a big load of things to Goodwill, and cleaning the house.

We were lucky to have some great help from family and friends.  My friend Becky arrived early to take a pickup truck full of stuff for her children to use as they move into their own places this summer and Ben's friend David climbed up on the roof and swept off all the Maple tree seed trees and other debris.   My sister drove up from Southern Maryland and was a big help, especially in helping get rid of all the remaining food in the cupboards, as well as being great company.

In the afternoon four energetic women from The Cleaning Authority arrived and cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, and the all the floors, leaving the house smelling and looking great.  At the school's fund raising auction last year I had won two hours of cleaning, and they made good on it even though it was eight months later and clear that I wouldn't be a repeat customer.   I was impressed and you should consider hiring them if you need some cleaning help.

But in addition to all this work, there were several visits with colleagues and friends.

The end of the school year staff party....

...a visit with Paul's friends...

...and a farewell with Ben's climbing buddies at the Capitol City Brewery Company.

Oops, no photo!!  Too busy visiting and drinking.

The cat has been found and corralled in our bedroom until we pop him in his carrier, there  are only four more items on my "to do list" list before we leave for the airport, and two beautiful Goldfinches just landed on the bird feeder as if to say "Goodbye and thanks for feeding us."

Paul and I will be in our new home tonight, the moving van is set to arrive on Saturday or Sunday, and Ben should arrive by Tuesday.  I'm excited!

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