Monday, June 23, 2014


I've finally found my blue jeans, though we are still looking for the bowls that go on the food processor.

I've finally managed to get all three vacuum cleaners reassembled and distributed between our three floors (though not without vacuuming for ten minutes this morning before I realized the machine had no bag in it!)

And I finally got to walk around Wonderland Lake, one of the three water features of Boulder (the two others being Boulder Creek and Boulder Reservoir).  I had wanted to see this lake ever since last fall when we were out here house hunting and looked around the Wonderland neighborhood.   We could see lots of great looking houses and occasional signs marking "Lake access" but try as we might we couldn't see the lake from the streets we were on.  Seemed you really had to get out and walk to be able to see the lake.

So yesterday Ben & I made a point to get out on the Wonderland Lake trail, which turned out to be quite pretty.   A storm was threatening, thunder was rumbling, and just as we finished the short 1.5 mile hike it began to rain.  Pretty good timing!



  1. Mary, it looks as if your new digs are just perfect. About the coyotes (very common in SoCal), they are very shy of humans, but don't let Kitty outside unsupervised. They're the oddest looking things, the first time you see one you'll think it's a dog, but they are skinny and have very, very long legs.

  2. What gorgeous views for a hike!!!! Seeing your pictures may inspire us to make a trip someday! We love to hike! Not sure if we'll have enough time, but I was trying to find a hike while in Toronto. We may be living the urban life this vacation! There are lots of parks and green space in the city, so we'll see!


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