Monday, June 9, 2014

Moving In

Well, Allied came through for us big time.  At 9:30 Saturday morning Rich and Dave drove Rich's eighteen wheeeler up to our house, ready to get everything unloaded and be on their way to their next stop (in Monterey, California) by the late afternoon.  Since Rich's truck was too big to get up the driveway of our old house, everything had been taken to Allied's warehouse where Dave and Rich transferred it to Rich's truck, along with two other loads he was carrying across country.   I didn't realize all this and when they opened the back of the truck I was surprised to see a white minivan.  I was even more surprise to see how all of our things were piled high to the ceiling, with boxes and furniture fitted together like a puzzle.   

Saturday was quite busy with all the unloading going on but we were treated with a quick visit from Paul's good friend, Gus, who lives about four blocks away.

Gus's owners, Ray and Paula had left some lovely flowers and a great looking bottle of champagne to welcome us.  As the kitchen began to fill up with boxes, it sure was nice to have the flowers to look at.    

The final box count was three hundred!

While I've been traveling and dealing with things here Ben took care of all the final details involved with leaving the Daisy Lane house and then met Ray, who had flown to Philadelphia on some business, for a last dinner in D.C. on Saturday.  Sunday morning they began the 1700 mile drive to Colorado in my Honda, which is packed with important, valuable, or just plain last minute "forgot-to-pack" items.

Paul and I have been working hard to get things unpacked and organized, but have also been exploring our neighborhood and having some fun.  I was happy to find that the poppies in our yard  are blooming. Aren't they striking?

I loved this leaf against the wet driveway.

Here's the front of our new house...

...and the side.

Yesterday I went for a walk around the block and was struck by this view of the clouds coming in over the mountain.


  1. What a nice welcome.
    The poppy photos are surreal.

  2. Mary, Glad to hear of your safe arrival and the same for your belongings. Now for Ben to arrive safely. It took us a long time to find our bathroom scale. . . how did it get packed in that box. Thanks for a wonderful blog. . .you are a great historian. Jim

  3. Beautiful!!! I can't believe you're already out there and moved in!!! Can't wait to see how the house evolves - it's going to look awesome!!!!!


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