Monday, June 16, 2014

Welcome Home, Fetcher!

After a full week of being boarded at the vet's Fetcher was very, very happy to be put in his carrier and taken to his new home Friday night.  For this first week, at least, he is staying inside, a confinement which doesn't seem to be torturing him.  I guess after a week of being kept in a small area without your people, being allowed to roam around a house with your people around you seems like a good deal.  

In any case, rather than rushing to the door every time it opens, or scratching at the screens to get out, Fetcher spends his time calmly exploring his new digs, staring out the window, or snuggling up with one of us.   


Meanwhile, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of unpacking and getting ourselves organized.  We now know where the vacuums are, for instance, but I still can't find my favorite jeans. 

We have landed in a beautiful place.  On one of our frequent runs to the recycle facility to drop off the boxes and newsprint we used for packing, we were delighted to see the snow capped Rockies in the distance.  


  1. What a gorgeous view to take your recycling!!! :-) Glad to know you're getting settled in and the unpacking is going well! Fetcher looks like he's happy to be home!!!

  2. Fetcher is so cute all snuggly. He may be content inside for a few weeks after his unfortunate incarceration. It's an awful lot of change for a cat. The view is a big change. I prefer mountain views so that would be Heaven. LeeAnna


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