Saturday, June 28, 2014

You Can't Always Get What You Want

The repairman came yesterday to look at our old fridge.  
As we feared, the compressor was shot and a new one would cost $900-$1100.  

The hunt for a new refrigerator grew serious.  
 It was no problem to figure out what I'd like.  I'd like this, thank you! 

Okay, just remove the cabinets that currently surround the fridge 
and the beautiful French door fridge is ours.   

But we like those cabinets, and really aren't up for a kitchen project right now.  

Well, in that case this is the type of fridge we need 
and there are only three models small enough to fit into the space we have.  

We are still on the trail of one which is available in a reasonable time frame.  
We hope to have some good news on Monday.  

Meanwhile, thank heavens Boulder has such great and convenient restaurants!  See Ben smile.

And it doesn't hurt that the weather continues to be gorgeous 
and the sunflowers are starting to bloom. 

Maybe you can't always get what you want, but maybe it doesn't always matter. 

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  1. We had a similar problem last November and bought a similar refrigerator! It's an LG with the bottom freezer drawer and I really like it. We had the top freezer one for many years and I like that I don't have to stoop to see what's in the fridge! It now looks as if the cabinets were built for the fridge - our last two refrigerators were not as tall and looked out of place within the space. And P.S. - I would love that 1st fridge pictured!!! LOL!!!


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