Sunday, August 3, 2014

Busch Gardens/ Water Country Road Trip

I'm now in the part of the vacation that isn't about me.  Four blissful days in Cape May were about me having fun with my friends; the next few days are about Paul having fun with his friends.  So I've put on my "good Mommy" hat, rented a fabulous red minivan, packed it with Paul's east coast friends Alex, Bryan, Robbie, and Tommy, and driven down to Williamsburg for a few fun filled days in Busch Gardens and Water Country. 

Luckily for me Alex and Tommy's mother, Lorraine, has come with us. She loves amusement parks, rides all the rollar coasters ( I do not), can read a park map and walk at the same time, and is great to talk with on long car rides.  In short, the perfect companion for such an outing.

Do you recognize The Griffon rollar coaster in the top photo?  The cars hang at the top on the drop for several seconds before swooping down; I thought I'd be sick just watching it.

See my cute rental car? The guys are pretty cute, too.

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  1. Cute red van! Glad you guys are enjoying your trip! And I'm the same way....I will gladly hold any belongings and sit on a bench while everyone is on the roller coaster! Just.can'! The last one I was on was in Canada at Canada's Wonderland and I went on it with my dad and cousin!


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