Friday, September 19, 2014

How Was School Today?

Today is concert dress day for Paul's band at Boulder High.  The band's first concert is on Tuesday so the kids have to wear their concert clothes to band today to prove that they are ready for the big event.

Paul used to have concert dress day at his old school, and it was always a big deal for us.  Unlike kids who wear suits to church every week, putting on a long white sleeve dress shirt tucked into a nice pair of pressed pants with a dress belt and shoes and a tie wasn't something Paul was used to.  Getting these clothes ready and getting Paul into them was a bit traumatic for us, although I was always touched when I'd see Ben helping  him with his tie.   Wearing them all day, including the tie, was a bit traumatic for Paul. 

 But this year there hasn't been any trauma.  Last weekend we asked Paul to check and be sure that the clothes he wore at his last concert in May still fit and he assured us that they did.  And like magic he appeared this morning all dressed and ready to go.   He barely paused for a photo...

...asked for a bag to hold his regular clothes which he'll change into after band, grabbed his lunch and was out the door.

He didn't bother to tuck in his shirt since he was walking to school and didn't have to fuss with a tie since apparently ties aren't required.  

It was all so much easier than other years!

Partly this is because my guy is definitely growing up and is a lot more responsible.  While a tiny part of me is sentimental about this, most of me is jumping for joy.  

And partly this is because life at school this year for Paul is going very well so far.   He loves not wearing a uniform, likes the shorter class periods (longer classes just two days a week),  enjoys the "open campus" environment (kids can leave the school grounds during lunch) and reports that kids are generally nice and the teachers are strict but don't yell.   So far there is less homework than he has had in the past and he gets some of that done during his Academic Support period.  With a few exceptions, he is getting his homework done on time without any coaxing or coaching from us.  He stays after school almost every day to do light and sound work for the upcoming Haunted House, which is a big theater production for Halloween.  And he is still walking to school with three neighbor girls, which I think must get the morning off to a good start! 

As you can imagine, Ben and I are sighing with relief.  It's not an easy decision to move your teenager away from his friends and home,  but so far all signs are that it was a good one.   

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