Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello, October!

Count me in with the ones who love autumn!   

Paul and I hunted up our fall leaves outdoor lights  and we strung them up on the deck fence.  We can see the lights and our bright yellow mum from the french doors in the dining room, which is delightful both day and night.  

It's been cold enough at night that we keep all the doors and windows shut, though generally it is warm enough during the middle of the day to wear shorts and t-shirts.  Haven't turned the furnace on yet, but all of us are sleeping with two duvets now and I turn my heated mattress pad on for at least a few minutes when I get into bed each night. 

I'm still so surprised to see the Flatirons when I come down to the kitchen in the morning and look out the deck doors.  When my nephew was at school in Provo, Utah, he wrote that he loved waking up next to a mountain each day, and now I can understand that feeling completely!  Sometimes when I go out the front door and down the walk to get the paper I look to my left and see the Flatirons, I look straight ahead and see Flagstaff Mountain, and then I look to the right and see Mount Sanitas, and I'm filled with happiness!   

It's fun experiencing our first autumn in Boulder.  Today when I came out of class at CU I had to stop and admire this tree.  

The copper leaves are actually some kind of pod, I think, each made of three leaves joined at the top.  Don't they look like little heart shaped boxes?  

I could swear this tree had green heart shaped boxes hanging from it just last week.  That's autumn for you, full of constant change.  


  1. Hi Mary! I have another blog-friend who lives in Colorado and her pictures this week have been nothing short of GLORIOUS. Those flatiron mountains grabbed my eye immediately. Wow! We have those little lantern-things too, I forget what they're called. We have been getting downright cold at night (which I love), and days are still warm, but now we're going to have Santa Anas so it will be very hot for several days. Meh. Bring on the cool! I love Autumn!


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