Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's True

It's true; Boulder schools don't close for snow.  At least not when there are nine inches on the ground and two to four more inches forecast for the day, with an early morning temperature of three degrees expected to climb to five!  Baby, it was cold and snow-covered this morning but there was still a green light on the Boulder Valley School District web site, meaning "Get out of bed, dig out your car, and get your kids to school!"  So different from how it worked back in our old home in Maryland.

But it seemed like everyone here was with the program and sitting by the warm fire in my living room, I had a birds-eye view of the arrivals at the Flatirons Elementary School across the street from us.

Reminding myself that I was now retired and didn't have to go out in bitter cold weather if I didn't want to, I blew off my water aerobics class and then my art history class, both of which involved driving (I'm not taking my cute little new car out in nine inches of snow!) or walking more than a mile (brr....).    When Ben came back from dropping off Paul I did rouse myself to help shovel our two long walks and take a few photos of our house in the snow.  

And I went along as a passenger when Ben picked up Paul later in the day.  You know it's cold when Paul puts on a coat!  (Though he's wearing tennis shoes in all that snow.)

We took the long way home to drive up to Chautauqua to see the Flatirons in the snow.  So pretty.

 Of course it wasn't just the kids who kept on with their regular activities despite the snow; people went to work and shopped and did other ordinary things as it snowed lightly throughout the day.  We even had a new chair delivered to us today at the scheduled time; no weather delay there.

It's supposed to warm up into the teens tomorrow and into the thirties on Friday.  Meanwhile, I'm hanging out by the fire.


  1. oops it's cold here now too. We had two days of 60 deg then it's gone. I just survived switching out the summer for winter clothes. Get ready folks! Glad you had a choice to stay by the fire. Or shop online for new fabric to get you sewing again. You do need more in your palette, so go shopping! LeeAnna

  2. I'd be hanging out by the fire with you, and drinking a glass of wine too!


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