Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Closing in on a Bathroom Renovation

Isn't this an oddly shaped box?  It's a new toilet; could you tell?  

We found it on our driveway today when we came home for the delivery of the new windows that will soon go into Paul's bathroom.  That "Marvin" truck in the background carried the windows but the toilet and other plumbing supplies were delivered earlier.  The renovation of Paul's bathroom will soon be underway! 

Here's the tiny basement bath now.  

The basic plan is to tile the entire space with big, neutral colored tiles that have a touch of green (Paul's favorite color) and to install a frameless glass shower stall.  To do that we need to replace the window with two smaller ones and put some framing between them so the shower stall glass can be  anchored to it.  The wall cabinet will come out, the toilet replaced, and new lighting installed.  The doorway, which is quite narrow, will be widened a couple of inches.  The only thing that we'll reuse is the corner sink, which we installed in June.  The room should feel much more spacious and modern.  We'll lose the cool green color but there's a whole wall of it in Paul's room, so not to worry!

The project should be done by the end of February, after which we'll get serious about redoing the kitchen.  And that, I think, will be the end of our interior renovations.

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  1. I can't picture it. Being done with reno's sounds good.


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