Monday, January 19, 2015


This book kept me awake last night.  I put it down about 11:00 PM but after tossing and turning realized that the unresolved plot was driving me crazy and keeping me from getting to sleep.  Picked it up again and read it for another couple hours until the exciting end.   It's the tenth in a series of  twenty mystery/thriller books set in the Boulder/Denver area.

This photograph is the one I submitted for the week two challenge of the photography class I'm taking which focused on line as a design element.   It is a line of orchids at the Denver Botanic Gardens Orchid Show that I saw with a friend on Saturday.  It was the first time I've ever traveled with the Nikon and the experience revealed my weaknesses in using a SLR.   Out of about fifty photographs only a handful had decent light.    But I learned a lot (my mantra lately).  

This cat so captivated Ben that he didn't move from this chair until the cat was ready to move.  (Photo taken by Paul.)   

This sampler is what the teacher of my "Bead Embellishment for Art Quilts" class thought we'd get done in the two-hour workshop I attended Sunday.

This is what I actually got done.  But it was fun and I learned a lot.

This is one powerful movie.  Go see it, but don't take the kids. You gotta be tough to handle American history.

This man tightened the toilet seat so it doesn't wiggle when you sit on it, fixed the broken hinge on a kitchen cabinet, transported Paul to his hair dye/cut appointment while I went to the movies, and made a delicious pasta soup for dinner tonight.  Those aren't the reasons I love him, but it was sure nice anyway.  

This day was beautiful. Almost sixty degrees with a nice wind and plenty of sun.  What a great way to start the week!


  1. great post! I love the photo.
    Beading, that's the kind of thing i teach and I do the class in 5 hours not two. The orchid photo is excellent. LeeAnna

  2. As always, I enjoy the photos and commentary, but this time I have to particularly compliment you on the line photo you came up with. Great!


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