Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Around Here

Around here....

We have snow!   Ben & I took these photos of the Flatirons and the Sanitas from up in Chautauqua Park on Monday, after we had received 15" over the weekend.   Today we were hit by a couple of hours of fast and heavy snow leaving us with 6" by sundown.  It is supposed to snow off and on throughout the night and I'm curious to see how much will be on the ground by morning.  Another round of snow is expected over the weekend.  When we took these photos the sky was still gray, but soon afterwards the sun came out and we had beautiful bright days on Monday, Tuesday and right up until the first snowflake fell today. 

We like the snow.  Just check out that smile!

Spikey's athletics continue to amaze and amuse us. (No, we didn't pose him in this position!)

I went to the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art in Denver last Thursday and saw an extensive assortment of furniture, glass, ceramic, tableware, flatware, metal, wood, enamel decorative art, primarily in the Art Deco style.  It was fascinating and a bit overwhelming.   Aren't these "Patriot Radios" pretty cool?

The last home game for the CU Women's Basketball team was on Sunday and we braved the snow to get there and were rewarded with an exciting game.  It was tied at half time but then our team surged ahead and won by almost twenty points.  They have two more away games, but the season is over for me and Ben.  We enjoyed following the team and learning something about basketball.  I also really loved the pep band and looked forward to the Supa Duba Tuba Cheer each game, when the tubas came down on the court and amused us with their spinning antics.

I've been eating some great food and drinking a lot of good wine.  Besides dinners with friends, for friends, and at friends houses, last night we went to the Rioja Roast at one of Boulder's great restaurants, Oak at Fourteenth. Three types of wine from the Rioja vineyards in Spain were served along with a five course dinner.  Very tasty!


  1. I like it Mary, no grass growing under either of our respective senior feets! And I LOOOOVE Spanish Rioja! Good for you!

  2. you get the greatest pics of Spikey
    He looks like he's doing yoga


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