Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coming and Going

The sunny warm weather we all --including Fetcher and Spikey-- enjoyed yesterday has come and gone, and today promises grey skies and much cooler temperatures.  

Paul leaves for the school band trip to Disney World early Thursday morning and is getting himself ready for that adventure by finishing up schoolwork and organizing and packing his bags.  Ben and I have our own adventures planned for when he is away and are working to get the taxes turned in so we can have fun without that chore hanging over us.  

Little black-capped Chickadees have suddenly appeared flitting about the Sumac outside my studio window and I wonder where they've been all winter.  Did they migrate and come back already, or have I just not been noticing them the past few months?

It's St. Patrick's Day which to me is a time to remember my father, who died thirteen years ago today. The world keeps turning, the seasons keep flowing by, people are born and people die, and I'm glad that I'm still here to be a player and an observer. 

Today I'm going with a friend to Ft. Collins, the fourth largest city in Colorado and about a forty-five minute drive north of here.  It's my first visit there and I'm looking forward to seeing its historic downtown which was the inspiration for Disney Land's "Main Street," and the Poudre River and the beautiful canyon which it formed.        

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