Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This Morning and the Finished Bath

It is a beautiful morning here in Boulder.  The air is cool and crisp and clear and I can't resist a quick walk up the street where I'm rewarded by views of the mountains and a partial moon against the blue sky. 

The snow is melting away in the bright warm sunshine we've enjoyed the past few days. 

Our next door neighbor is having his house stuccoed.   Can you see the solid gray on the left wall?  It will be topped with what we're told will be a "a peachy creamy Flatiron red."   Our neighbor says he won't have to paint his house anymore once it's stuccoed.  That's an appealing notion, and we are curious to see how the project turns out.  

As I walk back down the street I notice that our electrician has arrived.  Apparently today is the day that he'll be doing a "heavy up" to our electrical panel,  something that I missed completely on the calendar.  When I hear the power will be out for up to five hours I realize that I'd best rearrange my day's plans!  I'd hoped to be in my studio getting ready for a three day quilting retreat that starts Thursday morning, but that plan is out the window now.  Good thing I'm so flexible, right?  

And who can be upset on such a gorgeous day?

Aren't these daffodils pretty?  I got three bunches for $5 at Whole Foods the other day; what a bargain for such cheerful beauty.

Okay, enough of this rambling.  I wanted to show you how the basement bath turned out.  

Here's the "before."  

Here's the "after."

I love the new lights (there are two of these). 

In addition to the rainhead shower....

....there is a hand-held shower which we can use to fill buckets of water, something you want to do more often than you would think.  We have no laundry tub and our kitchen sink is too shallow to hold a bucket, so this is a useful addition.   

While she was here supervising the bathroom work, our interior designer/friend suggested we rearrange Paul's room into "work zones."  He now has a zone for dressing and sleeping....

....a zone for school work....  (not much schoolwork on that desk at the moment)

...and a zone for gaming and music practice.

Pretty lucky guy to have all this space, isn't he?

Well, if the power is going to be turned off I'd better go shower and blow dry my hair.  Then I'm going to walk down to the high school and work in the library there for a couple of hours before meeting Ben for lunch.  Some place with a patio would be nice since this afternoon it's supposed to go up to the high 50's!  

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