Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weather Watch and Photoshop

The Redbud tree is blooming, the perennials are up, and a few bulbs are blossoming in the beautiful warm weather we've been enjoying.  

But a cold front is coming tonight bringing several inches of snow by Friday morning.  It is welcome since we need the moisture.  

My online photography this week is about making composite images in Photoshop.  For instance, if you take this photo....

....and superimpose this photo on it... can get this result.

This technique is very addicting and I'm spending way too much time messing around with it.  So far, my best results are this one...

..and this one, but I'm not done playing around yet.

I have to take my own photo during this week but I can use one of the images the class members have uploaded into the class "texture library" for the superimposed layer.  So it's a bit of work but fun.

The approaching cold front winds did something to the power this afternoon and we were without electricity for about an hour.  Ben and I went for a walk, Paul went for a jog, and then we sat around on the front steps calling out greetings to all the people who decided it was a good time to walk the dog or go for a walk or jog themselves.  Kind of fun, but we were all relieved when the power came back on and we could get back to our computers.

All those dystopian books that deal with the loss of "the grid" are certainly on to something.  Just unplug us and our society would die, I'm sure.

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  1. yep It freaks me out to lose power. We think, just read or if the weather is okay, take a walk, but go in a dark bathroom, reach for the switch and uh oh!!
    I can't tell the changes on the last photo but am jealous of your new knowledge of photoshop and combing photos!!! So cool. Leeanna


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