Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's Still Raining!

It still raining here with drizzle, showers, and thunderstorms predicted throughout the next few days. 

This was the scene near a coffee shop yesterday. Do you see how there is no one out on the patio? That's because it was cold and wet!   

And look at the people inside; all bundled up in rain coats, sweaters, and parkas.  Hey, Mr. Sun, Memorial Day is this weekend; time to shine!  My friend who was having coffee with me wryly observed that she felt like she was sitting is a Seattle coffee shop in February instead of a Boulder shop in May. 

This morning's paper told us that this was the rainiest May in the last twenty years and that there was the chance of rain everyday through the coming holiday weekend:
"Boulder County is in the midst of one of its rainiest periods in recorded history, and the deluge isn't projected to end anytime soon.
Meteorologist David Barjenbruch of the National Weather Service said the forecast calls for the threat of rain every day at least through the weekend.
"It's been pretty bleak if you like the normal Colorado sun we're all used to," Barjenbruch said. "It's been one of the more cloudy and wet periods we've seen for quite some time." 
Indeed, you'd have to go back 20 years to find a wetter May in either Boulder or Longmont, where monthly rainfall records both hang in the balance at the moment."
Having gotten through the horrible flood of September 2013, the rain does make people nervous.  The rains we are having now aren't anywhere near as heavy as the floods and while there is some flat-land flooding, nothing serious seems to be happening.  Still, everyone is ready to see the sun again. 
Well, rain or not, life goes on.
We celebrated in style at Raymond's big birthday bash on Sunday. It was a great evening with lots of wonderful food and wine and friendship.   Toasts were made and everyone was happy.   Ray has lived in Boulder for about thirty-five years and has many close friends who he honored that night, Ben being one of his oldest and closest. 

The school year is wrapping up.  The last day of classes is Friday and final exams are next week.  Paul is excited that school is almost out. 

Yesterday I helped shop for the school's end of the year Music picnic and awards ceremony.  It was, of course, moved inside, but the teachers still planned to cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids.  The parent association did the shopping and I volunteered because I rarely have the chance to push two big carts around Costco.  If you don't do it often it can be fun.  

 It's not everyday you get to buy two hundred and fifty hamburgers and one hundred and fifty hot dogs!


  1. well CO needs water so here it is. I miss the sun since moving from FL to MD 20 plus years ago. In Fl the sun is like CO, clear and bright. Here it's smoggy or grayish even if it's not raining. At least you know it'll pass in your new state and you'll return to sun! LEeAnna

  2. Wow, that's a lot'o chow! Send us some rain!


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