Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The poppies are blooming now, bringing a joyful exuberance to our yard.   We didn't have poppies like this back east and we just love them.

   The many people who walk and bike by our yard seem to like them, too.  We've gotten a number of compliments on them when we're outside working in the yard.  The man in the blue shirt just stopped to tell us how amazingly tall our poppies are this year.

Indeed they are!  All this rain we've had has made plants go wild.   Everything seems to be on steroids. 

The size of the blooms are huge. 

A small stand of white poppies has appeared this year.  I'm pretty sure we didn't have any white ones last year and I really like them.

Actually, I have plans to whack back some of these exuberant poppies after they stop blooming since they are beginning to take over.   But for the moment they are stealing the show and deserve their day in the sun.  And we are more than willing to give it to them!


  1. they are gorgeous. I'd leave them long enough to make the pod you used last year to paint. They need time to replenish their stores without flower heads don't they? I don't know, never lived with them before but I really love them. LeeAnna


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