Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday Weekend

There is cool rain this morning and more promised throughout the day and even into the next few days.  Luckily the rain came and went over the holiday weekend, with just enough sunshine and warm temperatures to allow the various festivities to take place.  

We had friends for dinner Friday and Sunday and went to a 4th of July party Saturday night, all of which was good fun.  The Boulder fireworks were delayed for almost an hour due to wind, but when they were finally lit they were impressive.  We saw them from our friend's deck several blocks up Flasgstaff Mountain so we had a great view.   

The big news here is that we've been doing some recreational biking. I did an easy ride mid week and  got Paul out with me a day or two later.  On Saturday morning we loaded all our bikes on the car and took them to the Boulder Creek path where we cycled for an hour or so.  Then early yesterday morning I biked down to the creek path and back up to our house, a gentle but steady uphill climb of about three quarters of a mile.  I was so excited at my success that I took a spin around the neighborhood, climbing up a couple more blocks until I was worn out.  I was smiling as I sailed downhill the several blocks to our house.   Such fun to be back on my bike!


  1. Sounds like a great way to celebrate our nation's birthday!!

  2. I'm impressed with your ride on the BCP....we did it years ago but it was always so busy and I was fearful of hitting someone or being hit...and riding the hills of Boulder is no easy feat. We lived out in an apt off the Diagonal while deciding if we wanted to live in CO ( in the 90's). I rode my bike a lot and would take our Westie in the basket. One day, passing a field of cows on a busy road, he jumped out. Miraculously, there were no cars coming or he would have been smashed.....he was tied in the basket from then on. We ride the bike paths around here but just 5+ miles or so.


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