Saturday, February 27, 2016


My new Sew Perfect table arrived this week and I've finally got my new machine sew up the way it should be for ergonomic sewing.  

The table was just as promised; well-made of high quality materials and design and easy to assemble.  It was custom made to exactly fit my space and I had the legs painted white, which I think really makes it look nice. 

Now the needle and fabric are flush with the table top, making sewing and quilting much easier since the material isn't draped down over the machine but rather is laying flat on the table.

Woohoo!  Let the games begin!

In short order I pieced the back of the monochromatic wall hanging I'm working on, pieced and quilted the February and block for the Leah Day Machine Quilting Block Party class I've joined, and added borders to the scrap quilt I'm making as part of my guild's program to make and give quilts to foster kids attending a local summer camp this year.  

It's pretty, isn't it?  It's a few inches too small so I still need to add a narrow dark blue border all the way around it. 

I found the perfect fabric to back it with.  

Monday is a guild sew day and I plan to add the borders, piece the back, and get all the layers basted. I'll miss being in my studio with its wonderful new table but it's always fun to sew with other quilters.  

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