Sunday, February 7, 2016

Go, Broncos, Go!

It's been hard to get excited about the Super Bowl even though "our team," the Denver Broncos, were playing in it.  Everyone around here assured me that it would be embarrassing to watch and there was no chance that the Broncos would do well.  So when our neighbors across the  street invited us to their Super Bowl party we told ourselves we'd go for a while but not really watch the game, just visit and socialize and then leave early.

Well, Paul stayed for a brief while, Ben lasted past half time, and I stayed and watched the whole game.  Who would have thought the Broncos would  do so well?  So well that after a while it became clear they were going to win.  Amazing!

But the absolutely most fun was watching Lady Gaga sing the national anthem. Resplendent in her red, white and blue sparkly shoes and her pink sparkly eye shadow she nailed the hard to sing song.   What a voice! Loved her.  If you missed it, check it out on  YouTube.

And this fellow captured my heart during the game. I fell in love with Clete Blakeman, the head referree of the Super Bowl.  What a strong voice; what big gestures; what confidence in presenting his rulings!   I know many love Peyton Manning, but heart belongs to Clete.

I certainly had a lot of fun! 

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