Friday, February 19, 2016

This Week

We've had beautiful spring weather this week, reaching a record breaking high temperature of 73 degrees yesterday.   Although it was quite windy it was still the kind of day to open up a few windows and air out the house.  The sun and warmth reminded me that we have a garden and when I strolled around it I was rewarded with the sight of a scarlet colored pansy blowing in the brisk breeze.

The week has flown by.  Our Valentine's dinner last Sunday was a lot of fun.  Ben's french cassoulet was the most delicious one he's ever made, a perfect mix of beans, sauce and meats, including duck and three kinds of sausage.   

For dessert Paula made profiteroles with whipped cream filling and chocolate sauce on the top. Hmmm....

Then the week flew by.   I don't know why I ever worried about being bored in retirement; there are plenty of interesting and fun things to do.  

Monday was President's Day holiday and Paul was out of school so we did Meals on Wheels as a family.  

Tuesday I processed a couple of new books for the Boulder quilt guild library and went to pilates class.  

Wednesday I worked on our tax return with Ben and spent some time at school xeroxing music for the band and orchestra teachers.  That evening I went to a fund raiser for a local homeless shelter which involved painting ceramic bowls which will be sold in March.   (The bowl in the photo was painted by someone else, not me; mine wasn't nearly so cute.)

Thursday was the Boulder quilt guild monthly meeting where I have the job of librarian, which I really love.  I especially love working with the old fashioned card check out system; so retro and yet so effective.  

Thursday night I went to the high school music parent's group meeting, for which I'm the Vice Chair, and at which we figure out ways to help the music teachers, like how to get them some clerical help.   And this morning I was back at school doing more xeroxing, this time related to upcoming field trips. 

Of course the week included walks, hiking, cooking, reading, giving rides to Paul, and quilting.  I'm in the middle of reading an engrossing book (Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson), am halfway through season five of Scandal and I've taken time each day to do a New York Times crossword puzzle (the one for teens not adults!)   

I also took time at each of my activities to have a friendly chat with at least one or two of the people I met.  I decided that I was getting too wrapped up in working and needed to spend more time visiting and enjoying people.   So I lingered when I delivered lunch to one of my favorite Meals on Wheels clients, chatted with my fellow bowl painters, really listened to my quilting friends as they browsed books in the guild library, and cracked jokes with the other music parents.  Doesn't sound like much, but it was good for me.     

One thing I enjoyed was watching Paul undertake a small project on his own.  Our friend gave him a laptop and asked him to take the hard drive out and destroy the data, a job which Paul cheerfully tackled.  Did you know there are magnets in the hard drive?  I didn't but now I do.  

The monochromatic wall hanging I had designed and thought I was done with kept talking to me and I worked on it off and on through the week.   It's gone from this..... this and I think it's done now.  Next step is to make a back and do the quilting which I'm really looking forward to doing.

Which brings me to my new sewing table which is still scheduled to arrive today, this afternoon even!  Can you tell I'm excited?


  1. you are driven.
    Glad to hear you took time to breathe and connect with people in all that movement!

  2. Every time someone asks what we retirees do all day I'm going to send them to this blog post! How do you like pilates? They are starting a class here in a week or so and I'm tempted! The cassoulet looks wonderful, I was hoping you'd put up a picture.


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