Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Back Home

I arrived home Sunday afternoon from three days at the quilting retreat to find that spring had arrived.

It has been warm the past few weeks but now the grass is greening up, the bulbs are popping into bloom, and the perennial clumps are showing through the mulch.  Spring time here doesn't mean the end of snow, however, and several inches is expected Thursday night into Friday which will certainly help our dry gardens. 

I had a great time on retreat, as one would expect since I had three days to sew without interruptions for such mundane things like cooking or cleaning.   There were about twenty quilters from my local quilt guild sewing in one big workspace at the Highlands Camp and Retreat Center up in the mountains at Allenspark.  As well as providing time to sew, retreats offer the chance to visit with other quilters, who tend to be cheerful, social types who love to help each other with quilting questions or problems.  

Can you see the gorgeous view of Mt. Meeker out the big windows in the photo below?  It was a lovely space to work.  

I was happy with the headway I made on several quilt projects I've got underway.  I also learned how to make a chicken pin cushion --doesn't everyone need one? -- and tried my hand at making a mat and a small bowl from a hand-dyed cotton clothesline.  I thought they were both rather charming.

On Saturday some rain showers came in from the west, rolling over Mt. Meeker in a dramatic way. 

My sweetheart drove up the canyon to take me to dinner at the nearby Fawn Brook Inn, which turned out to be quite a treat.  We started our meal with a creamed seafood medley in puff pastry.... 

..and ended it with an amazingly good apple strudel.

So I'm back to the realities of everyday life.  It's quite windy and chilly today but that didn't stop Ben and me from doing a two hour hike up the Lion's Lair trail to the top of Mt. Sanitas this morning.  Ben is now at the rock climbing gym climbing with a friend and I'm off to my studio to get do some sewing before I go to my pilates class at 3:30. Later we're planning to cook at nice dinner of pasta with Bolognese sauce and chill out at home this evening with Paul. Everyday life around here is pretty good!    


  1. Ben! What a guy! Where are the quilts!

  2. the retreat view is awesome. I agree everyone needs a chicken like yours, bright, and that eye! hilarious. Hand dyed clothesline is amazing.


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