Monday, March 7, 2016

Cloudy Day

This weekend Paul was up in Chautauqua throwing a frisbee to our friend Gus That Handsome Dog.

While you're admiring how high Paul can throw the frisbee -- yes, that's it, the dark spot in the center top of the photo!-- take a look at the sky and the view of the Sanitas mountains.  It's a bit dark since it was about 4:30. 

But look at the same view this morning.  Aren't those clouds amazing! I love the dramatic skies around here.  We're expecting  rain today, our first moisture in a while, and it seems to be coming in from the west, over the Rockies.  

Here it is coming in over the Flatirons.  You can never have too many Flatiron views, right? 

Just in case your answer is "Yes, don't torture us with anymore Flatiron views!" here's some pretty flowering blossoms.   Are they supposed to be blooming here now?  No, they are not.  It is still winter here, regardless of the long stretch of warm and dry weather we've had. 

Watch out little blossoms, there are deep snows ahead, I'm sure.

Luckily, however, no deep snow is expected this week which is good since I'll be heading up to the mountains on Thursday for a quilt retreat.  Driving up the long and winding canyon will be exciting enough, I don't need a big snowfall to make it even more scary.  

Although once in Maryland I sent to a quilt retreat by the bay when there was a hurricane watch underway and that turned out to be fun.  So cozy to quilt with friends at a retreat when the weather is bad.



  1. the flowers pics are so good. Makes me want to quilt a flower!

  2. Yes, the flower photos are great! We have lots of crocuses and some daffodils; the trees are holding back a little.

  3. My dog was a frisbee dog. He took it very seriously; he demanded to practice every day at 5:00. How that dog knew it was 5:00 is beyond me. He insisted we practice in the driveway instead of the back yard, I think he wanted to show off for that little French bulldog across the street.


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