Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Little Memento

My sister is coming to visit on Tuesday (yeah!!!!)  and we decided to clean up the deck for the occasion.  Despite the fact that we had scraped and painted it last year much of paint had worn off over the winter and the whole deck needed a good cleaning.   So we (mostly meaning Ben) pressure washed it and scraped it with a belt sander and put two coats of good deck paint on it.

It looks so much better now.

Fetcher apparently walked across the freshly painted deck at some point and made his way into the house, leaving a little memento behind.  

Our friend Inger was over the other day and being a cat lover she was quite charmed by the prints.  "Surely you'll leave those there forever," she said.  

Yes, I guess we will.  We sure love Fetcher. 

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