Friday, June 10, 2016

Steamboat Springs

After a fun and interesting drive through Rocky Mountain National Park on Trail Ridge Road on Wednesday we drove to Fraser where we spent the night.  We had been there in late late December 2014 when it was  snow covered and freezing cold.  We wanted to see it the summer and were eager to go back to the The Ditch on 40 restaurant and to check out a famous pizza place, Hernando's.   They were both great and we enjoyed being back in Fraser.    

Thursday morning we drove up to Steamboat Springs, a ski town which also boasts two hot springs and a couple of mountain tops filled with ski runs.  

Not my photo; taken from Steamboat Springs web site

After a springtime break in action, the gondola up the mountain reopened on Thursday afternoon so we took a ride up, up, up, to the top. There we admired the views and watched the mountain bikers who had come up in the gondola with their bikes start their long but fast ride down, down, down the mountain bike trails.  

After riding the gondola back down we relaxed by the little river that ran through Gondola Square.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon so we all chilled out a while a this pretty site.

In the evening the grown ups went to the Cafe Diva where we had a very good time eating and drinking.  

Our hotel, the Hampton Inn & Suites, was very comfortable and had three hot tubs and a heated pool so we didn't miss going to the springs in town.  We'll have to do that another time, along with biking the Yampa River Trail  Clearly Steamboat Springs merits another visit.

We did visit the Fish Creek Falls this morning before driving home.  We were quite surprised at its size and beauty.

Now we are back in Boulder and Jean's visit is about over.  Good thing we'll be seeing her again in a few weeks!

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