Saturday, July 2, 2016

At Home

We are enjoying being home and catching up on things around here.  Although it was plenty hot while we were away our gardens are doing well, thanks to our sprinkler system and some selective watering by friends.

We were quite surprised to find that the cherry tree which we had assumed was ornamental was actually bearing fruit.  

Yesterday Paul and I picked all the the ripe cherries and I plan to make a little sour cherry pie later today. 

And the cactus by the corner is flowering, the first time in the two years we've been here, I believe. 

After a day of caterwauling his complaints about being boarded at the vet's for over a week Fetcher  calmed down and is again roaming the yard and receiving strokes and compliments from all who stop to fuss over him as they walk by.

Paul got all four wisdom teeth extracted Thursday and was quite the trooper.  Today is supposed to be "the worst day" for pain, but so far so good.  He bought himself four new decks of cool playing cards and is practicing his "cardistry," which is fancy shuffling and card handling.  If you watch a few seconds of this video you'll get the idea.  I had no idea this was even a thing; thank heavens I have a teenager to keep me just a little bit in the know!  

Yesterday was Ben and my thirty-eighth wedding anniversary.   We celebrated with dinner on the deck and gave each other cards, which is about as extravagant as we get for this occasion.  I thought it was pretty wonderful that after all these years together we know just what type of cards each of us likes.  I want something pretty and artsy with a handwritten note and Ben likes something funny and a bit sentimental.  And that's just what we each got.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! John and I celebrated 25 on June 29th! Hope you guys had a wonderful day!!!

  2. What a long time together! Congrats. The cherry pic is awesome. I am looking at it a lot to see the highlights and shadows. Looks like perfectly painted cherries!


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