Friday, July 15, 2016

What I Could Have Written

I could have written about how Ben and his friend Kent climbed Mt. Sherman, one of Colorado's "14ers" the other day, which is a pretty big feat. 

Or how the Cold Springs fire is now out and everyone who was evacuated is returning home.  Thank you, Firefighters!

I could have told you about how I walked 17, 000 steps yesterday (or seven miles) starting in the morning with the Homestead hike with its beautiful wildflowers... 

...and ending with a walk up to Chautauqua to attend a Colorado Music Festival concert where I enjoyed a dramatic view of the Flatirons as night fell.  

I might have written about how the Pokemon Go app has hit here in Boulder and how it has gotten Paul to walk around the CU campus the past few days hunting Pokemon.  Pretty much anything that gets a kid outside exercising is okay with me!

Or how I'm working on the quilt I started in the Jacquie Gering workshop two weeks ago, trying to get it ready to hang at an event next week.

Or how Ben set his mind to trouble shooting our malfunctioning sprinkler system and cleverly got several non working ones to work again.  

Yeah, Ben!

But instead I spent much of this hot but breezy and beautiful day watching Spikey enjoy the out of doors and making a film about it.   Spikes and I both had a great time and I hope you enjoy the film!


  1. Cute. Love Spike's little vest/leash. Even though I can't see Ben's face, I can read his body language--he is clearly satisfied with his success with the sprinklers.

  2. I love that! I also like the apparently homemade vest. . . .and nice to see him eating leaves and feeling quite at home. Yes, retirement should be spending the day doing what you feel like doing. :-)


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