Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Cool Day

 It rained all last night, something that hasn't happened around here in quite a while.  It was soothing to listen to the raindrops in the middle of the night, though I'd rather have been asleep!  We awoke to a surprisingly cold morning and had to close all the windows and I put on a warm sweater.  

The yard and garden loved the rain.

It's been a good day to get caught up on some quilting work.  I registered three of my quilts online for the Longmont Guild quilt show which is coming up in October and pieced together the September block for Leah Day's online Machine Quilting Block Party.   I decided to do a back-to-school theme and really liked how it turned out.  Finally used some wonderful fabrics I've had for fifteen or so years.  


Fall-like weather is predicted for the rest of the week, though we should have sunshine again by Thursday.  I'm glad, since the sun on the flowers blooming right now is so striking.

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