Sunday, October 16, 2016


We are enjoying what may be the last of the long, warm and beautiful Autumn we've had this year. Yesterday we hit a record high of 85 degrees but by tomorrow the cooler weather is moving in and we'll be in the 50's and 60's by mid week.   The average date for the first snowfall is October 18th so it's about time for the season to change. 

I was out hiking at the Boulder Valley Ranch yesterday and had to stop and admire the beautiful colors.  

And knowing these long warm days are numbered has made me notice the wonderful flowers that may just be the last for the season.

Well, my sweetheart is across the world in Nepal now.  He was happy and just a bit nervous to be starting this adventure

After two days of traveling he arrived in Kathmandu.  He took a few photos in his hotel before crashing in bed for a good rest. He then disappeared into the countryside to begin his trek.  Since there is no Internet there, who knows when we'll hear from him again?

Before he left he finished painting the front porch, which I certainly appreciated.

Here's a "before" view of the house.

And here's the "after."  I love the change and smile whenever I see our new bright and welcoming front door.  In a few weeks we're having the concrete porch tiled, and that will also make a big change.

One of my quilt guilds had a quilt show this weekend.  I had a couple of pieces in it and realized when I saw them on display that I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.  I've resolved to spend more of my sewing time on original work like these.  

And in an inspired moment I rearranged the living room, moving the chairs and sofa  to take more advantage of the fireplace as winter descends.

More "before's and after's."

It's not quite right since the sofa is too close to the stairs now, but it's a start and my designer friend, Lotus, is going to help me get Spikey's habitat away from the fireplace and the my leather chair closer.   The one already next to the fireplace is Ben's; he called that spot almost the moment we walked in the house for the first time, smart man!

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