Thursday, November 17, 2016

First Snow of the Season

We're finally having our first snowfall of the season.  Only an inch or two is predicted for Boulder but up in the mountains they should be getting 5-10 inches, which is great for the ski resorts and for our water supply.  It's been quite dry here the last month so this precipitation is very welcome.

But the big story here is the the amazing drop in temperature, from a record high of 80 degrees yesterday to a low of 15 degrees tonight!  Coupled with some good size winds, so this is a real storm.

I had a quilt guild meeting today and kept watching my email expecting a message from the schools saying that after school activities were cancelled.  That would mean the big orchestra concert tonight would be off and I could sit in front of the fire with Ben.  But no, we live in Colorado not Maryland, so everything is still a "go."

Ah well, I guess I can enjoy the fire after I get home.  It will be even sweeter knowing that all the concerts (and my little speeches) are done until May.


  1. So glad you posted these pictures. I read the Denver Post about pending snow and wondered if it actually arrived. Montrose only got some rain. I so enjoy your views of Boulder which bring back great memories of time spent there.

  2. Wow, that's a big temperature drop!!


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