Thursday, March 16, 2017

Guest Blogger: Fetcher

The one who feeds me has been too busy quilting the past few days to write this blog, so I finally decided I'd better take over.

I like it when she's quilting because it means there's a nice comfy quilt in the studio to snooze on, though it does mean that she's too distracted to pay much attention to me!

Luckily, the one who turns on the faucets for me to drink from isn't so distracted right now. When he isn't gone somewhere he's very willing to let me lay on him and never nudges me off like she does.

I wonder what he does when he's gone?  I hear that he's "climbing" or "biking" but just what is that? Probably he's out hunting for all that food he brings home every day.

Oh, well, no worries.  There's always someplace to curl up and wait for him to come back and pet me.  

That dog Gus was over the other night.  I got tired of hanging around upstairs out of his way and decided to show him just whose house this is.  After all,  I have every right to sit in my own living room!  I gave him the evil eye and he kept his distance.  That's good, because there's a world of pain for him if he forgets who is boss around here.  

The guy who feeds Gus is so smitten with that dog that he rarely notices me.  But the other night I decided to win him over to my side and I succeeded!  I have to say, it didn't take long.

I was so happy to see my friend, Inger, again the other day.  She keeps talking about some cat named Polly who has six toes, which is certainly odd, but it's clear she loves only me.

I'm amused at how these food-givers fall so easily for my charms.  Little do they know the real me, the fearsome hunter who has single-handily depleted the neighborhood of mice and chipmunks.  

Well, what they don't know about my private life won't hurt them.  As they say, "What happens outside, stays outside!"

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