Friday, April 21, 2017

Heading into the Weekend

Whew!  That week went by fast!  

Ben's hard work got our taxes in on time, and we again told ourselves "next year will be easier."  

I worked hard to finish a quilt in time for a guild challenge due at yesterday's meeting.  I'll tell you about it soon but right now am taking a deep breath after meeting the deadline. 

On Tuesday I chaired a meeting of the school's music parents and, after consulting with various people for a couple of days, this morning I ordered BBQ for 350 people attending the music awards banquet in May. 

Tonight we're going into Denver to try a new restaurant.  Then I'll be back in Denver tomorrow morning to support Paul's team in the "Japan Cup," an "It's Academic" type of competition for students of Japanese.   

 It's never a dull moment around here.

But.....let me show you how our little re-do of the laundry room turned out.   We've been working on it off and on since we moved in and it's now done.  

Here's how the laundry area looked when we bought the house. 

Before we moved in we removed the cabinet above the appliances, updated the plumbing, insulated the walls, added another light, replaced the doors going out to the garage and painted the walls a pretty yellow. 

Last year we replaced the appliances and last month we added a deep sink in a snazzy and useful cabinet.   The sink is topped with an oversize plastic board so we can set things there when the sink isn't being used.  There's now a handy hamper next to the washer/dryer and a pop-up bar on which to hang clothes for drying.

Here's the sink uncovered and the showing off all the storage in its pull-out drawer. 

And here's a close up of the lovely sink and cabinet.  No longer are we washing painting supplies or Spikey's mats in the kitchen sink!  Yeah!  

Across the room is a little alcove which looked like this when we moved in.

It now holds a couple of red storage bins, a little fridge, and has a surface or two for Paul to dump all his school stuff when he gets home.

 I'm so pleased with how this renovation turned out.   Given that we come and go in and out of the house through this area all the time since it connects to the garage, and given how integral doing your laundry is, I think all the planning and work to make it as efficient and pretty as possible was well worth it.

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  1. Nicely done! Not only is it functional, but pretty. mary in Az


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