Saturday, April 1, 2017

Still No Snow!

 A good size snowfall was predicted for last night into this morning, but the snow again was a "no show."  While the mountains received another good dumping, down here at 5500 feet we got just rain.  I shouldn't say "just"; we are thrilled to have rain and the solid day of it, while gloomy, was very welcome.

But still.....where is our snow?  Looking at this blog I see that I've recorded only four occasions of snow this season, and three of those were "just enough" to turn things white.  Only the December 8th storm left anything substantial, and that was seven inches, which is not very much compared to other years.

So we were ready for a nice spring snowfall and it was disappointing to find this morning that nothing had fallen.  March is supposed to be our snowiest month; what's going on?  Well, before we blame everything on climate change we should remember that this is the fourth March in the recorded record without a measurable snow in the Denver area, so maybe the world isn't coming to an end.   And there's still April!

The big news this week was that my quilter friend Lee Anna and her husband were in town visiting from Maryland.   It was great to see them and show them the area.

Do you see the gray skies in our photo?  The weather was unsettled all week but finally on Lee Anna's last day here the sun came out, the skies turned that gorgeous Boulder blue, and the clouds lifted to reveal the snow-covered peaks of the Rockies.  

That same day we had a spectacular sunrise,with amazing pink and yellow skies.  The pink glow was so strong coming through our east facing bedroom window that it woke me up!  

This week I started and finished a lap size quilt top that will be given to a local social services agency through my quilt guild's Outreach program.   I wanted to get the top done so I could take it to a class I'm attending tomorrow on easy ways to baste quilt layers together.   That step in the quilt-making process can be tough and I thought it would be clever to take up the teacher's offer to actually help me accomplish it using her method.  But getting it done in time meant a lot of work this week!

I did enjoy sewing it, especially since the colors and fabrics I'd picked were so fresh, pretty, and spring like. 

It finished up at 60 x 70" which was big enough for me to have to put up my portable design wall to lay out the blocks and, later, to photograph it.  

Despite spending so much time on the quilt top, I also made time to finish a 1,000 piece jig saw puzzle I'd been working on for the past few weeks.  Thankfully, Paul helped me with the final push which was great since I was about out of steam!

Check out this fellow who bounded across our path up in Chautauqua earlier in the week.  

Maybe not as dramatic as the two --yes, two! -- mountain lions that my friends had come up the driveway at their house near Flagstaff Mountain -- but pretty cool anyway. 


  1. mountain lions! Wow! That'll make you spit out your coffee.
    Disappointing not to see the snow, but as you said rain is moisture and a good thing for you all. Personally I've seen enough rain now. It's been heavy cloud cover and rain since we returned but today is sunny. Yea! I'm glad my pic made it into your mountain blog this time!


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