Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ten Things I'm Smiling About Today

1.  The sunflowers are up and blooming, and seeing them always makes me happy.  I walked by this stand of them the other day and couldn't stop smiling for another block or so.  

2.  Thanks to the vaccine I had a few years ago, my recent case of shingles lasted for less than two weeks.   There's nothing like being sick to appreciate being well and having good health care!

3.  Both bear and deer have been spotted in our neighborhood but they are leaving us alone, at least for now.  This buck is handsome from a distance but I don't want him eating all my flowers. 

4.  We have nice neighbors.  One made us a fresh blueberry tart the other day and it was delicious.

5.  I have good friends.  One sent me a package for my upcoming birthday filled with oil paint sticks to use on fabric, along with some fun beach fabric and an interesting sewable "cork" cloth.  

6.  I have a great husband.  He's taking the lead in fixing the shed door, which I really appreciate.  (Paul and I are helping.)  The door doesn't look so bad in this picture, but it's on its last legs.

7.  We hit 100 degrees today, which ties a record set in 1934.  But since we have trees around our house, a lot of cross ventilation, and several really great fans, we survived very nicely at home even though we have no air conditioning.  

8.  We live in such a beautiful area.  Last Friday we drove an hour up to Rocky Mountain National Park to breathe the cool, clean air and enjoy the lovely mountain scenery.

9.  Paul makes me smile when he shows his knowledge of "the good camera," Ben's Nikon D800.  He took some great photos of a piece that I hope will be accepted into an area art show, and did a much better job than I could have.  

10.  My quilt projects are all moving ahead nicely.  I'm even finishing some, like this 12x12" sunflower.   Sunflowers do make me smile!

Today I'm joining my quilter/blogger friend LeeAnna who uses her Thursday posts to focus on things she loves in an effort to stay positive in these unruly political times.   Pop over to her blog if you need more refocusing on the good things in life.    


  1. fun list of likes! I love sunflowers!

  2. Hi Mary, so nice to meet you on the net! Love your ten things and concur. I used to grow sunflowers and had one beauty reach almost 10 inches across. That made me smile a lot! I love your quilted piece with sunflower motif. Beautiful country around you and lovely family at home!

  3. wow- your sunflower photos are good but your sunflower mini quilt is so pretty!!! Glad to hear your vaccine worked and you are better. Enjoy your day. mary in Az

  4. Sunflowers. They're one of my favorites. I have one starting to bloom out back. Love the quilted ones, too. And just look at the blueberry pie. Yum!

  5. Your sunflowers are great! And I love my shiva painsticks- I use them all the time for all different kinds of quilty projects. I hope you enjoy them!

  6. When your sunflowers popped up on my screen, I gasped in delight! So very pretty! What a lovely family you have - all so handy and creative!


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