Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and a happy one it was!  I didn't do anything particularly special, but I enjoyed letting the day unfold and felt grateful for my good health, my loving family and friends, and the joy of living in this beautiful place.

John & Dawn's moving vans arrived on Monday and seven strong and nice men had everything unloaded by late afternoon even though it rained steadily throughout the day.  JK Movers did a great job and John and Dawn were very pleased with their work.  Monday night was their first night in their new home, and that's always exciting.  

On my birthday morning I enjoyed the cards my two brothers and my sister had sent and tried out the new UE Wonderboom wireless speaker which Ben and Paul gave me.

Then I went over to the new house to help with the unpacking.  I put shelf liners on all the kitchen shelves and in all the drawers, and sorted packing supplies into piles for recycle (around here we can recycle moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and Styrofoam, so moving in means a lot of trips to the recycle center.)  One of my twin nephews, Johnny, did an especially good job of helping his parents as they unpacked, running objects to various rooms in the house, toting full moving boxes around, and breaking down empty ones.  I enjoyed his company and had to smile when, after several hours, he declared he was exhausted.  

Well, by then we were all ready for a break and in the evening I did a little bar hopping with Lotus, Dawn, and Ben.  

Early in the day I had driven Paul to the airport for his first solo trip.  He'll be in Maryland for a couple of days before returning for his last summer gig with the Fists of the Proletariat (on Saturday night) and Back-to-School Check-in on Tuesday.   He said he was sorry to be leaving on my birthday, but I know he was excited and proud to be making such a fun trip on his own.  

Our neighbor asked me what sage advice I had to share as I turned sixty-six, but I had none to offer.  I just know that I'm very happy and that's enough. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! I don't envy everyone moving, packing, unpacking. It's exhausting! But,you have such a great helper. Glad you enjoyed your day. mary in Az


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