Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Just Reward

This is Ben's new camera. You can read all about it here. I'm excited about it because it marks a new stage in our lives together.

Way back, when everyone still used film, Ben was the photographer in the family. He had his own good camera and took a keen interest in taking good pictures, especially of his main hobby-- rock climbing-- and his main love -- me. But in the past few years I've become the family photographer. As our old film cameras died off, we replaced them with easy-to-use "point and shoot" digital cameras which I felt comfortable using. The two cameras we own, a Canon PowerShot A570 and a Fugi FinePix S60000fd, are almost always used by me, and we realized that Ben needed his own, less automatic, camera.

This notion was appealing to him but he didn't feel he could justify the expense of the type of camera he had in mind until he had more time to play around with it once he got it. And then, in the past year, when that time seemed more available, he was on fire with the vision of Paying Off the Mortgage (cue whistles and bells!) and we decided to delay several big purchases, including his camera, until we accomplished that big goal.

Well, in October we made our last house payment and yesterday this nifty camera arrived in the mail!! A just reward for a big effort.

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