Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Visit to the Mary Surratt House

Paul is learning about John Wilkes Booth in school and will soon go on a field trip to Ford's Theater, so today he and I and his friend, Evan, took a short field trip of our own to the Mary Surratt House. The Surratt home was the first stop in Booth's twelve day attempt to escape after assassinating President Lincoln. It is in Clinton, Maryland, about thirty minutes from our house. It has been kept as a historical site and furnished to show its use as a post office, tavern, small rooming house, and private home during the Civil War. In addition, it has a small but interesting exhibit of Lincoln related items, including a set of footprints so you can compare the size of your feet to Lincoln's and a stove pipe hat which the kids (and you!) can try on.

You go through the house with a tour guide, which can sometimes be deadly when you have children along. Today, however, the guide was both informative and child-friendly, so we all had a good time. Gift shops can also be deadly when you have children with you, but this one was nicely stocked with interesting and decent quality items. Each of us spent $15-20, and I was happy to support such an educational and fun historic site.

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