Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm not exactly a barometer of popular culture. Ben & I joke that we were the last Americans to get the word that you could have fresh hot pizza delivered to your door, and we still don't subscribe to HBO. Partly because of this backwardness, I am always on the alert for titles of books, TV shows, movies, CDs, etc. that people I like recommend.

So when my nephew Daniel told me how much he liked the TV series LOST, I picked up Season One at the library to see if I'd like it also. Well! I do! In fact, you could say I'm lost in LOST, since I spend what little free time I have watching it on DVD. I'm convinced that this is the perfect way to watch a TV series since you can skip all the commercials and fast forward through the more violent sections. In fact, I think I'll see what 'Tween TV kid shows I can find on Netflix for for Paul. I could deal with I Carly and Zack & Cody much easier without all the commercials that accompany them on TV.

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