Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unexpected Blessing

The highlight of our Thanksgiving weekend was having Paul's friends from Pennsylvania down for a couple of days. Bryan and Robbie are the sons of Miss Margie, who was Paul's day-care provider from age two through Kindergarten, when she moved to the Lancaster area. We are all still good friends and the boys get together several times each year. I especially enjoyed this visit since they often teamed up with Tommy and Alex, two brothers who were also watched by Miss Margie back in the old days. It was fun to hear the five boys, now all about nine years old, reminiscing about "when we were little." On several occasions during their two days together I heard "remember when" stories, mostly, of course, featuring times when someone had been naughty and gotten away with it. It was clear to me that even at such a young age they greatly valued having such long lasting friendships.

One of the unexpected blessings of parenthood for me has been the delight of watching his "old friends" grow up along with him and being a small part of their lives.

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