Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There have been so many changes around here! First --da dum!-- I have a new computer, a sleek new IMAC, my very first MAC. We are getting acquainted, but already I can tell we will be good friends.

Also new is the big, brawny new rolling recycle bin which the county delivered the other day. Actually, we got two of these big guys, maybe because the recycle crew knew we could use them. Our county has "full stream" recycling so we recycle practically everything except food by just throwing it into the recycle bin. We've had just a small bucket to put our recycling in and we quickly filled it each week, resulting in a scramble to find cardboard boxes and such to hold the surplus. So we've been looking forward to the delivery of these giant rolling monsters.

If that wasn't enough, we got a new toaster, this one specifically geared to defrost and toast bagels. Bagels are Paul's main food and if we slice them before we freeze them, he should be able to get them from the freezer and defrost and toast them himself, giving us all a heady rush of freedom.

And last but definitely not least, today the electricians put in six new recessed lights; two in the kitchen (shown below) and two on either side of our long, narrow living room. So I'm not only sitting here at my new Mac, but under recessed lights softly illuminating just this part of the room. Sweet!

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