Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lunch downtown

Today was special since I took off work and went downtown to meet Ben and a mutual friend for lunch at the cozy, elegant, and historic Tabard Inn near Dupont Circle. My friend and I went to library school together some thirty years ago and both worked at the Library of Congress, though she worked in cataloging and automation and I worked in reference. It was great to catch up and to reminisce, and a special holiday treat to eat such gourmet food. Here is a photo of my dessert, Molten Chocolate Cake and ice cream; hmm good.

One neat thing about going downtown is that occasionally you run into the Presidential motorcade and are reminded that yes, this is the capital of the United States and the President does live here. About a block from the restaurant I saw these scenes with all the signs of an arriving or departing president: a blocked off street, big black SUVs, tall TV antennas, lots of police activity, and men and women in suits wearing sunglasses and earpieces.

A woman on the street next to me said "Oh, that's right, he was going to the Brookings today," and sure as shooting, when I got home and Googled the President's schedule I saw that he had given a speech there and had probably finished it and was leaving just as I was heading to the next block for lunch. It was a fun touch to an already special day.

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