Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Trainer

I went to my first "One-to-One" session with a trainer at the Apple store yesterday. My trainer didn't look like the one in this photo, which I got off an Apple web site . My trainer --Kate-- was white and has blond hair and a small sparkly jewel in her nose. She was great and I learned a lot. But, like the trainer in this photo, my trainer was young and clearly with-it. There are six trainers working out of the store I went to and I didn't see all of them, but the ones I did see were all young and hip. And all the clients like me that I could identify were old and not so hip. It struck me as funny, that all us old ones were being trained by all the young ones, and then it struck me as really sad that I was not young and with-it like Kate.

I rarely feel anything except happy to be getting older. I'm so grateful I didn't die young like so many people I've known. And I like how my life has turned out. My Mom is going strong in her eighties so I have every hope of living for another thirty some years. Yet, there was bright, cute, patient Kate with her whole life ahead of her, and I was just plain envious!

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  1. Thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die,
    Passing through nature to eternity.

    Great post, love.



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