Friday, December 4, 2009

What I Love about my Job: Christmas Decorations

Come on into my library and see our Christmas decorations!

This festive door display was made by my aide, Rhonda, and she also did this pretty display on the white board right next to the door.

Here's what the kids see when they come up to my desk. Rhonda made this cool tree from a phone book. The kids are fascinated by it. They also like the Santa Claus and the little North Pole scene that I put together.

Here's a close up of the North Pole scene, showing the skating rink for Santa's Elves; they go round and round which is fun to watch and the kids think they are very clever when they figure out how it works (magnetic dots under the rink hold the elves in place).

These guys are detectives from the Naughty and Nice Detective Agency, looking for signs that good boys and girls are around. The little piece of paper on the ground is a report card of a child's behavior. Even the more sophisticated eighth graders like to look at all the little details on the North Pole scene.

The whole school is all decked out for Christmas, with each teacher's room reflecting their own style. It's fun to see.

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