Friday, January 29, 2010


It was dusk yesterday when I picked up Paul at his friend Evan's house. Dusk is a beautiful time of night and yesterday was particularly nice. The almost-full moon was showing off, demanding attention, so I lingered and took some photos.

Then I heard the sound of children playing and saw Paul and his friends having a great time running around in the darkening night. I took a few minutes to watch them and remember how I used to love playing at dusk when I was a child. I have such a clear memory of my father saying that we had to come in when the street lights came on.

My reverie was interrupted by the turkeys which Evan's family raises. They were gobbling and starting to crowd me, the way big old boy turkeys like to do. But I stood my ground and told them to come closer so I could get a good picture of them. Being proud, they obliged. I was especially pleased when the brown one turned around to show up his beautiful brown and white striped tail feathers.

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