Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gearing Up

We're gearing up to redecorate the living room in March and April. This means getting rid of every book, magazine, CD, videotape, piece of art, photograph, etc. that we don't absolutely love, to create more some visual space. ( Do you sometimes think that life is a constant battle against clutter? I do.) It also means planning more storage space for what we do keep, most likely in the form of new built-in bookcases to match the ones that we put in on the other side of the room some fifteen years ago. Picking out a "just right" color for the new paint job is part of the task; we're leaning towards a pumpkin color similar to this one. I think it will look great with all our white woodwork and marble fireplace.

One of the more fun parts of getting ready for the overhaul is picking out a new big screen TV. It will probably be a Sony Bravia, but we're wavering between the "entry level" KDL-40V5100 or the "luxury" KDL-40XBR9 and we don't know yet if it should be 40" or 46". If you have an opinion, let me know!



  1. That color is terrific, especially, as you say, with the white woodwork. Big changes in your household! Betsy

  2. Our family room is a similar color, it was called Clove Bud - but I think of it as a spiced pumpkin. We love it.

  3. Mary determine how far you will be sitting from the new TV, then in the store be that far away when you look at the TV in consideration to get a sense of size. You don't want it to be the only thing people see in the room however you want it to be a good viewing size. We have a 40 or 42 inch Samsung, can never remember-the HD is great. jim


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